Information About The League

VR Rhythm League

VR Rhythm League is a professional tournament system which is founded for the biggest problem in the foundation of the VR E-Sport because of lacking in competitive game play.
According to the daily and monthly data from Steamâ„¢ shows that "Rhythm" type games which have the most users, suffers from lacking a competitive platform in their games, by means of millions of users can not find their place in such games.
Because of this reason VR Rhythm League aims to be a platform that all the "Rhythm" users can prove themselves and you will be rewarded for your efforts
VR Rhythm League with achievements, weekly tournaments, daily events and seasonal International league
systems will be appealed to all VR users varying from different levels and will develop the VR users' power
in the sector by gathering all their data under a single roof.

Forming Leagues: is an organization which not only provides leagues they can be are personal but leagues that can be formed by any other companies.
Companies that fill the application form may organize daily,monthly,seasonal tournament if the rewards and the rules are accepted.
Users who whish to join VR Ry League can sign in our web site and can use the system by simply connecting the platform whenever, wherever they want to play a game.